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Jet Lag Problems

New research reveals ditching the effects of a long-haul flight could be as easier than you think. It could be as simple as kicking off your shoes and rubbing your feet in the dirt. A wellness expert has revealed what he believes to be the ultimate cure for jet lag – and it’s remarkably simple.

Health bloggers call the process “earthing” or “grounding”. Proponents claim you can rejuvenate your body by connecting it to the negative electrical charge that flows through the earth.

Wellbeing expert Dave Asprey is a self-proclaimed “biohacker”. He founded the health food diet Bulletproof and is an avid believer that the concept can refresh our bodies. In his book Head Strong, he claims that flying can disrupt the electrical charge in our body’s water cells, resulting in the tired feeling we know as jet lag.

He said: “When you go up in an airplane, you build up a static charge in your body that slows the mitochondrial function. “In other words, the battery in your body doesn’t hold a charge as well because you were disconnected from the earth.”

Negative Charges

But by “reconnecting” with the earth, Dave claims we lessen the impact of an overseas flight. Reconnecting with the earth can reduce the feeling of jet lag by allowing you to soak up the earth’s negative charge. A £30 grounding mat can be an alternative if you cannot find a patch of earth.

It may sound strange, but many high-profile individuals have revealed themselves to be advocates of grounding too.

Naomi Campbell, for one, shared an Instagram post explaining how she always reconnects with the earth after a flight. Research groups have carried out various studies into grounding. They conclude that it can help improve sleep, strengthen your immune response and normalise stress hormones.

So next time you touch down, simply whip off your shoes, find some bare earth and you could be back to normal in no time.

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