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International Tensions

At a time when international tensions are rising, people have once again become concerned about the prospects of a nuclear war. In the wake of Donald Trump’s recent statement that he would meet any North Korean aggression with “fire and fury like the world have never seen.”

The Russian military has been practice nuclear de-escalation as part of their war games. In effect, that is the tactic of dropping a nuclear warhead and then searching for peace agreements. North Korea has been notably prominent in its development of nuclear capabilities. With so few understanding the true politics of the region, or of its leader, Kim Jong Un, it is hard to predict. That is not to mention to continuing enmities between India and Pakistan. Both countries have potential to unleash nuclear capabilities.

In this context, there has been a rise in interest as to how to construct a nuclear fallout shelter.

Nuclear Fallout Shelter

Since the end of the cold war, building a nuclear fallout shelter has been the pastime of the conspiracy theorist and the paranoid. They became the butt of a joke about those who believed that the apocalypse was imminent. Building a nuclear fallout shelter was in the same league as acquiring a tinfoil hat.

Unfortunately, with increased tensions on the international stage, it might be time to look once again at the benefits of constructing a nuclear shelter.

A common myth from the Cold War period is that a nuclear bomb is non-survivable.  While it may be the case that an all-out nuclear war would witness the wiping out of humanity, this does not mean you could not survive a singular nuclear bomb. Many believe that the fallout from a nuclear explosion will kill you no matter what precautions you may take.



Fallout Effects

Nuclear fallout from a single explosion can wreak havoc on the landscape surrounding it. The area directly hit by a nuclear bomb would be eviscerated almost immediately. Those within the close proximity would be subject to horrific burns that would most likely lead to the death. The greater area would suffer the effects of the fallout. However, this is the area in which there is a possibility of survival if a shelter can be reached on time.

Nuclear fallout can cause horrible diseases such as radiation poisoning and a multitude of cancers. Any lifeforms that it interacts with will likely suffer the effects of its dangerous substance. Nonetheless, nuclear fallout reduces in as little as three to five weeks. Remaining in a shelter until such a time as it is safe to be evacuated could mean the difference between life and death. While those who remain outside will, unfortunately, suffer the consequences, those in a shelter could emerge unscathed.

Shelter Materials

Ordinary homes supply little protection from nuclear fallout. Air vents and shafts ventilate homes. Glass windows are subject to destruction by the high winds from a nuclear explosion. The higher up you are, the more you at risk. Therefore, your best option is to head underground.

The materials that comprise your shelter is very important. Lead is the best material to ward off the effects of fallout radiation. Soil is most cost-effective. However, if space is a concern, lead is a better option. About four inches of lead is required compared to about 3 feet of packed soil.

You won’t survive long without a sufficient supply of air. Make sure that a ventilation system is in place which will remove dangerous particles from the air. Constructing a ventilation system with 90-degree turns in ducts and hallways will prevent particles from entering into your bunker.


Hopefully, there will not be a need to construct a nuclear fallout shelter anytime soon. Despite this, in the age of increased tensions it understandable why people would once again become interested in knowing how to survive a nuclear war.

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