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Which Comes First?

Cardio exercise without question is an essential part of any training routine whether it be a bodybuilding, strength training, sports training or most obviously a running workout schedule. It increases our endurance levels and is also an important factor in preventing all sorts of heart problems and diseases.

However, the idea that cardio should be done at the beginning of a workout is apparently a myth. In a recent interview  Max Lowery, a personal trainer and founder of the 2 Meal Day intermittent fasting plan, who is adamant that people should be doing the opposite.

Don’t Peak too Early

“It’s a huge mistake doing your cardio and exhausting yourself before you do weights,” Lowery said. “If you want the weight session to be 100% effective, you need to be fresh.”

“Cardio will deplete your muscle glycogen stores which is essentially your stored energy for explosive activity,” he added. “This means your strength and weight training will be much less effective.”

“Long steady state cardio is one of the worst ways to transform your physique,” Lowery went on.

“Cardio — aerobic exercise — is great for health reasons, and you will burn calories while doing it. But your biggest concern when you’re trying to lose weight is muscle loss.

“If you lose fat and muscle along with it, it becomes harder to keep the weight off in the long run. That’s because the more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism is.”

Gaining Muscle to Lose Fat

If you want to see real results in your body, weights are the only way forward, according to Lowery, and most other personal trainers out there for that matter. “Lifting weights is a far more effective way to sculpt the body,” he said.

A combination of weight training and sprinting are most effective for building lean muscle mass, which will increase your metabolism and decrease fat. Shoot for a 45-minute workout, followed by 20-30 minutes of cardio intervals 3 times per week in order to get the maximum benefit.


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