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Majority of writers would agree that there is nothing more enticing than the idea of becoming a travel blogger. Than the idea of being paid to explore different parts of the world, experience various cultures, and write all about it. But travel blogging has become a crowded field, which is why many writers do not take this route. Many travel bloggers have stated that running a travel blog is its own 24-hour job. And that is something that can be difficult to manage when it doesn’t make you any money.

But what if I told you there is an easier way, than starting from scratch, for writers to travel and get paid doing it? If you’re a passionate writer who desperately wants to experience different places, I have a fast-tracked route to success for you.

You Don’t Need to Rely on a Personal Travel Blog

Relying on your own travel blog is not the only option in becoming a professional travel blogger, actually, that is the hardest way to go about it. There are millions of travel blogs out there, and only about a couple thousand have become professional. It takes a tremendous amount of work and commitment to start from complete scratch with your own travel blog, and you cannot expect to make money off it right away.

You must make many important decisions: where to start, what content you to produce, how you will pay for trips, and how are you going to consistently build your audience? And for someone who does not have a business mindset these decisions can be tricky. Once these decisions are said and done, even then, it may still take years until you make any sort of income off your personal blog.

Now I am not saying do not create a personal travel blog at all. By all means, you go for it! Because there is nothing better than showcasing a personal blog on your resume, and there is a small chance it could take off. But if you want fast results in becoming a professional blogger, dedicating all your time to your own personal blog and hoping to make money out of it is not your only option.

Become a Freelance Blog Writer

Why try to build an audience from scratch when you can take advantage of an established media company’s audience?

Media companies are constantly looking for talented writers who can produce numerous articles a week and keep their online platforms up to date and trendy. Today, nearly 40% of companies use blogs for marketing purposes, and over 46% of people scroll through these blogs more than once a day. So, writing for these media companies can be a faster way in becoming a professional travel blogger, who’s articles are guaranteed views.

Freelance Blog Writing Has More Advantages

If you are hired as a freelance blog writer, you are given the opportunity to share everything you know about your niche to a vast audience. More importantly, down the road, you are also given the opportunity to travel. Companies want you to attend events, visit destinations and try out fun excursions. And then they want you to exploit these experiences on their platform.

Majority of companies also provide their writers with an online profile, which readers can trace back to. This profile gives you the opportunity to build your reputation as a professional writer. They also give you the chance to build your own personal audience. The freelance route comes with many other great advantages for bloggers. Freelance blog writers receive online tools to edit their work, professionals to get feedback from, a large audience to reach out to, and, above all, a source of income.

Depending on the company, you may have to begin writing for free or at a low rate. But if you put in the work, and write engaging, entertaining content you will quickly advance. In fact, you will begin making a decent amount of money in less than the approximate two years it takes to make any sort of money off a personal travel blog. Many freelance blog writers have quickly worked their way up to receiving $100 an hour, working 20-40 hours a week.

Becoming a freelance blog writer will guarantee faster results for your audience, income and reputation as a blogger. It is a faster route for passionate writers to find success in their work and opportunities for paid travel!

Become a freelance blog writer today!


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