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Fitness can be a difficult terrain to navigate. There are a variety of workouts and fitness plans that people employ to attain the desired body. While some people prefer to increase their fitness levels by playing sports, others will pop in their earphones and hit the gym. Finding the workout regime that delivers the best results can be elusive. A lot of information is available on various workout regimes, from HIIT, tabata to strength and conditioning. Perhaps it is time to look back at older sports to build the best physique.

study by the University of Bath has discovered that jousters have one of the highest levels of physical fitness among professional sportspeople. A study of professional jouster, Roy Murray, has shown that his has 7.7% body fat. Such a result would make him leaner than most professional footballers. His cardiovascular activity put him in the same range and elite tennis players. His ability to bench press a significant weight put him at a similar strength range as a professional racer.



Medieval Sport

Jousting is a medieval sport. Knights traditionally played it on an open field. The sport involves two jousters, fully covered in body armour which can weigh up to 90lbs, mounting horses and racing at each other with lances. They performed it at tournaments, where knights would battle with the goal of knocking one another off their horse. It could be a deadly sport with jousters suffering serious injury or even death. Famously, King Henry II of France was killed while jousting, when the lance of his opponent pierced his eye.

Modern jousting is no longer the spectacle of violence that it once was. Modern jousters have the benefit of fully trained medical practitioners, physical therapy, and extensive physical training. However, this study has uncovered the benefits of jousting on the human form. A jouster must ensure that they remain seated on a horse, while carrying a lance, with minimal vision. It is determined that a jouster has the similar core strength to that of a professional swimmer.

If you are seeking to take your fitness regime to the next level, then perhaps jousting is for you. There is currently a campaign underway for jousting to be included as an Olympic sport. It might seem like a dangerous sport, but it could certainly make you extremely fit.

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