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Sleep Deprivation Leads to Weight Gain

People who sleep fewer than six hours a night tend to have an extra inch around their waists, researchers say. A study, conducted on 1,615 adults in the University of Leeds, found that those who got less sleep were heavier in weight than those who got seven to nine hours per night.

Sleep deprivation was linked to reduced blood levels of high-density lipoprotein — the form of cholesterol that helps keep arteries healthy.

Lead researcher Dr Laura Hardie, from the Univesity of Leeds, said: “Because we found that adults who reported sleeping less than their peers were more likely to be overweight or obese, our findings highlight the importance of getting enough sleep.

“How much sleep we need differs between people, but the current consensus is that seven to nine hours is best for most adults.”

Can Increase Chances of Diabetes

In fact, one study presented at this year’s Endocrine Society national meeting suggests that getting just 30 fewer minutes sleep than you should per weekday can increase your risk of obesity and diabetes.

Logically, it’s practically impossible to stay committed to a healthy lifestyle if you don’t have the energy for it. “If I’ve gone to bed late or I have a restless night, I’m more likely to turn off my alarm in the morning and skip my workout,” says Paige DePaolis, 24.

“It could be me consciously thinking, ‘No way am I going to that exercise class,’ or, unconsciously snoozing to the point that it’s too late to make it to the class.”

Time to Get to Bed

If you thought the bags under your eyes were the worst consequence of skimping on sleep, you’re in for a shock. “Sleep is important for pretty much every one of your physical systems,” says Janet K. Kennedy, PhD, a clinical psychologist and founder of NYC Sleep Doctor. “Sleep deprivation leads to deficits in cognitive functioning, whether it’s reaction time, decision-making, or memory.”

Adequate sleep is essential for beyond just what’s going on in your brain, too. “Sleep is involved in the repair and restoration of the body. The rest that happens during sleep really rejuvenates your body for the next day,” says Kennedy.

So it’s time to get to bed early to avoid that unnecessary tyre around your waist.


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