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Funky Freckles 

Temporary Freckles have become increasingly popular over the past few months. People who have freckles often have moments of hating the sunspots. Nonetheless, many people are paying good money for the privilege.

Jessica Knapik is a cosmetic tattoo artist from Ypsilanti, Michigan. Earlier this week, she took to Instagram to share photos of her latest project: freckles that she tattooed on a young woman.

But these weren’t just run-of-the-mill beauty marks. Hidden within the spots, she inked the constellation Virgo, the star sign of the woman she was tattooing.

Jessica hides the astrological sign within the freckle design, creating a natural freckled look.

And as the cosmetic tattoo fades over time, it’s not as permanent as you might expect. They’ll fade to a more natural freckle appearance, and if you hate them you can just skip the top-ups and let them fade away entirely.

Temporary Tattoos 

‘Make sure you go to a cosmetic tattoo artist,’ Jessica advised Bustle. ‘We use different machines, different ink, and different needles. Please don’t let someone put giant doll freckles on you with a standard tattoo machine.’ Jessica’s only created one Astrofrecks look so far, but we reckon it’ll become a fully-fledged trend pretty soon.

Jessica told Bustle,”As many people are right now, I’m super into crystals and what your best intentions can do, and sending your goals and wishes out into the universe. So [the idea for Astrofrecks] just sparked from that,” Knapik tells Bustle. “I also love things with hidden meanings. This way you could get your Mom’s astrological sign, your Dad’s, your Grandma’s, and kind of pay tribute without getting a giant heart that says ‘Mom.'”

Choose a Reputable Artist

Before tattooing, Knapik swatches different colours on her client’s face to get the right tone and makes sure to place them where the sun would naturally hit. Knapik has some advice for people looking to get the cosmic-designed tattoo or evenjust faux freckles in general.

“Do your research. Make sure the artist’s photos don’t look stolen from someone else,” she says. “Make sure they are working at a licensed body art facility.

So if you decide to give your face a touch of magic make sure you use a reputable artist.


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