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There is no doubt that saving money to travel the world or go on vacation is tough. We plan out our trips to destinations that we dream about seeing, and create our budgets to make it happen. But things don’t always go as planned, especially when a budget is involved. So, don’t just rely on writing out a weekly or monthly budget to ensure you’re saving money for a vacation. Follow these resourceful tips to save more, and wait around less for that vacation you’ve been dreaming about.

Out With The Old And In With The Money

I bet your basement or garage is filled with goods that you have been planning to get rid of but just haven’t gotten around to it. Well, travelling is great motivation to finally get going. March into your basement, wipe off all the dust and get your stuff on Ebay or Kijiji.

What was your junk and clutter can be another person’s treasure. And a great way to quickly save money for your travel fund is to sell your stuff. Throw a traditional yard sale or host an online auction. A couple old records, a couch you never use, or a forgotten disassembled shelving unit, in the end, will all add up. Choose the easiest method for you and get your stuff pretty and proper. Because the proceeds you make from items will likely be enough to cover the hotel for your next trip.

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Don’t Eat Out, Stay In

While everyone enjoys eating at fast food joints, fancy restaurants, lounges and bars, these places also enjoy eating at something else – your bank account. According to statistics, in 2015, the average American household spent $3,008 on restaurants and takeout. That is a large amount of money gone to meals that last minutes, and in fast food’s case, often make you feel bad afterwards. Meanwhile, it could have been spent on a fun family vacation, or a romantic getaway. So, don’t give in to that fast food craving. Stay at home and put the money you would have spent into your travel savings.

The best way to choose to stay in over eating out is to plan what meals you will make in advance and to be smart with your groceries. If you already have meat in the fridge ready to be cooked and produce that will eventually go bad, you won’t want to waste it.

Many families eat out or buy fast food because they cannot find the time to cook. If this is the case bust out the slow cooker, and divide up cooking responsibilities among the family. Cooking doesn’t need to be a one-person job – get the whole household involved. Cooking can become a fun family activity, and in the end, your children will thank you for teaching them how to cook young.

Let Automatic Transfers Do The Saving

You’re not likely to spend money if you didn’t realize it was there in the first place. Which is why visiting your bank and setting up automatic transfers between your accounts is the perfect way to save money for a trip. It takes the pressure off you to put money aside and adds up quickly.

Let’s say your account transferred $25 every second week to a savings account. In a year you will have saved $650. Without having done anything, and maybe not even realizing it, you will have saved enough to cover flights for your next vacation.

So, set up an automatic transfer between your accounts today. It is easy to do. Visit or call your local bank and tell them you would like to set up an automatic transfer between your accounts. Explain the amount you would like to deposit in your savings account and at what interval. If you do not have a separate savings account they can help you set one up in the same visit.


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