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Being Single Can Make You Happier

Following Valentine’s Day, science has proven all the loved-up couples wrong.

Being single has many benefits, scientific research has found. Alone time being one of them.

Single people are more likely to not only embrace solitude but benefit from it, recent studies have suggested.

Social Scientists Reveals the Secret 

Yet the “living single and loving it” narrative has “never been part of our lives the way fairy tales have”, laments social psychologist Bella DePaulo.

The psychologist at the University of California Santa Barbara advocates the single life and travels the nation to present these findings, which she says are too often dismissed by the larger psychology community.

In the TED talk that’s had 435,000 views, DePaulo shines a light on the benefits of being single while debunking marriage myths. It’s commonly thought, for example, that getting married makes you happier. Instead, DePaulo cites research that found while tying the knot slightly increases one’s happiness, those levels gradually fall back to their premarital state.

Stronger Social Networks Than Couples

Contrary to the myth that single people spend their time drowning their sorrows in ice-cream, DePaulo says they are more likely to be surrounded by loved ones, in the form of friends, siblings, parents and neighbours, than their married counterparts.

“The story we’re told is that married people have ‘the one’,” she says. “The untold, more revealing story, is that single people have ‘the ones’.”

This means many single people have a stronger social network than the counterparts in relationships.

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