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Reddit Users Swear By It 

Coming into the summer months many of us struggle to get rid of the damage that the winter has inflicted on our skin.

However, Reddit users have appeared to find the answer to this moisturising problem. If you search for the word slugging on the Reddit’s Skincare Addiction forum, and you’ll come up with pages on pages of results.

And it is not the use of slimy snails the users are speaking of, but a new technique that centres around slathering a thick layer of petroleum jelly on your face.

The Method is Pretty Simple

First, you prepare your face by using your regular nighttime skincare routine.

Then, once your face is clear and your moisturiser is applied, you slather a copious amount of petroleum jelly on – which promises to hold in the moisture and leave your skin baby soft.

And users cannot seem to get enough of being a slug with Redditor ‘trainbangled’ saying in a recent comment:

“It’s not the most appealing visual, but it pays off. Trainbangled continues: “I woke up the next morning, and MY FACE HAS NEVER BEEN SO SOFT. I am reborn. I am a new woman. I was not a slug; I was a caterpillar in the cocoon.

I’ve emerged, a beautiful butterfly. No new breakouts. My skin is smooth and happy and bouncy: everything it should be and never was.”

Praised by the Internet 

Others have shared similar testimonies – with many people claiming that slugging has completely transformed their skin.

“It is magic I have never encountered before now,” wrote one woman.

Another said of the process: “I couldn’t believe how soft, smooth, and moisturised my skin looked and felt.”

The method works because petroleum jelly is occlusive – meaning it forms a film on the skin and prevents loss of water, so your skin ends up smooth and moisturised.

The technique may not be for everyone as Vaseline can clog pores and cause acne in some skin types. However, if you are desperate to cure your dry winter skin it could be just the method you need.

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