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Easing that Time of the Month 

Periods can be the bain on many women’s month with one of the only reliefs being a sweet treat.

A new West Coast-based bakery claims their baked goods can both feed a woman’s cravings and alleviate the onerous symptoms of PMS. Moon Cycle Bakery is a month-to-month delivery service. It costs $15 for one treat, $20 for two, and $30 for three, with free shipping.

The bakery specializes in desserts that are specifically designed to support a woman’s hormone system during menstruation. Their treats include brownies, cupcakes and matcha bites which all sound like what the doctor ordered for this sensitive time of the month.

Healthy Sweet Treats 

Although the treats are quite an expensive remedy founder Devon Loftus, an avid baker and wellness fan insists it is a worthwhile investment. All of the recipes are void of refined sugar and contain nutrients which studies have shown to be beneficial for combating hormonal fluctuations.

These include anti-inflammatory boron as well as magnesium, which plummets during the menstrual phase of the cycle thereby causing constipation and headaches.

Devon was inspired to start the company after a conversation with her friend at a pre-wedding party in California last year.

Her friend, who was on her period at the time, claimed that the chocolate cake she was eating made her “emotional.”

Delicious and Comforting

That triggered an idea which prompted Devon to talk to dietitians, acupuncturists and physicians about what minerals and vitamins women lack when they are on their period.

‘When you’re on your period, something that is delicious and sweet can be so comforting,’ Loftus remarked to Daily Mail Online.

‘But we thought, wouldn’t it be great if you could feed those cravings with something that is good for your body. ‘

‘Speaking to the industry, and to women in general, it became very clear that women want and need to be gifted during that period; to turn something that doesn’t feel great into something that is enjoyable, that you look forward to, that makes you feel good, nourishing your body and soul.’

From there, she and her husband came up with the recipes and baked the treats. You can order your choice of healthy desserts here.


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