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With the pressure of either working a full-time job, balancing two jobs, raising a family, going to school full time – and trying to fit in some quality me time during any of these scenarios – life can feel busy and overwhelming at times.

Take it from me – I have spent the last four years working two jobs, and studying as a full-time university student, while also competing on an elite level sporting team. I understand the struggle of tackling a busy schedule.

Sometimes getting through the week can feel as impossible as climbing Mount Everest. But climbing Mount Everest isn’t impossible. It just takes proper preparation. And after doing some research and testing it out over the years, I have picked up some tricks that will make your own Mount Everest climb feel like a breeze.

Always give yourself a 10-minute buffer

Nothing adds more stress than the possibility of being late. So, eliminate that stress completely by always aiming to be early. Whenever you need to get to and from somewhere, always leave with the intention of arriving 10 minutes early.

A 10-minute buffer will give you time to relax and collect yourself. It gives you time to catch up with everything going on, and reflect on what you have left to get done.

It is especially great for starting off a long day of work. In most cases, offices are relatively quiet when employees are on their way in. So, if you arrive 10 minutes early you will skip the rush. You will have quiet time to grab your first cup of coffee, check out the latest news, and get settled into your work.

Go to bed early

“Get a good night’s rest” – It is one of those things you have heard repeatedly, and yet, I cannot stress just how important it really is. According to research, healthy adults are built for 16 hours of wakefulness. Meaning, they need about eight hours of sleep a night to prevent feeling drowsy throughout the day. So, do not cheat yourself of those precious eight hours. I promise that another episode on Netflix, or another chapter of a book is not worth trudging through the next day.

A proper sleep each night will allow you to function at your peak. Getting more sleep will strengthen your memory, improve your health and performance, and spur your creativity. There is truly nothing better. A good night’s rest provides the power needed to stand tall at the end of a busy week with a smile on your face.

Learn to love lists and calendars

Task lists, calendars, phone or email reminders, date planners – utilise it all, because nothing will make more of difference in your busy life. Because chances are, you will not be able to keep up and remember everything you have going on or what you need to get done on your own. Which is where these trusty lists, reminders and calendar come in.

There are options out there for everyone. If you like to write things down and add notes, buy a date planner. Suppose you like to count down the days to events, and cross off tasks, then buy a bulletin board to place in your home. If you know you check your phone often and want a reminder for upcoming events or tasks, download applications.

Meal Prep

Don’t waste your time each day packing your lunch. Whether you’re a morning packer or an evening packer, forget it. Spend that extra time getting more sleep or being with your loved ones. Instead of packing a lunch and/or dinner each day, you will find it much more beneficial to spend a portion of every Sunday meal prepping for the week ahead.

Sacrifice some time from your usually relaxing Sunday and spend it cooking your lunches for the week ahead. This will give you more free time and will save you from spending money on fast food during the week. It also makes making lunch enjoyable. When you prepare your lunch during the weekend there is no rush to get out the door. You have time to play some music, sip some wine, and make good meals for yourself.


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