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Everyone’s favourite fall festivity is approaching and it is time to start planning. This year, drop the usual Halloween theme, assembled with dollar-store decor, and create a chic Halloween party that no one will forget. Follow these easy steps to transform your party into a spooky, up-scale affair.

Paint your Pumpkins

Pumpkin carving doesn’t need to just be for kids, adults can have some fun too. You can sophisticate your pumpkin to match your party’s up-scale theme by painting it. Some white, gold or black paint will transform your cute little pumpkin into classy decor. Here are 10 pumpkin paint ideas via Lovely Indeed, that will get you started!

Shop for Antiques

It is time to stop spending all your party money on orange streamers, caution tape, and hanging ghosts. Instead, look for antique candle holders, eerie clocks and dark flower arrangements, and large mirrors. These objects are the perfect decor to give your up-scale Halloween party a seriously spooky atmosphere. Check out this perfect, mysterious tablescape via Jungalow.

Spookify your Cocktails

The key to throwing the ultimate up-scale Halloween party is getting creative with drinks. You can take a simple thing like a cranberry cocktail and make it spooky by serving it in a goblet. Swap your regular glasses for vials, pumpkin punch bowls and painted mason jars. Place drink cards along your bar, and give your cocktails peculiar names. If you need help getting creative with your cocktails, check out these 20 easy Halloween recipes via House Beautiful.

Stray Away from Strictly Orange

Orange tends to give Halloween parties a tacky, young look to them. It makes Halloween party themes appear more juvenile and less spooky. You can add some orange accents here and there. But, if you want a sophisticated, up-scale look, base your theme off sleek colors. Use black and white, gold, a rich red or a deep purple. Buy your décor and make your tablespace stand out by pairing these sleek colors.

Create Creepy Desserts

Laying out plates of typically decorated spider cookies, ghost cake pops, and witch cakes can make your dessert selection appear juvenile. To add some Halloween fun, and still stay in touch with your chic theme, you need to get gory and creatively creepy with your desserts. Add blood red sauce, cob web illusions and other haunting accents, but keep the desserts themselves simple. Focus less on the dessert and more on how to serve it with some Halloween flare. This simple “poison” candy apple via Say it With Cake, is a perfect example of taking a simple, classic dessert and serving it in a different, creepy manner.

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