Top performing content producers can become a mediaofficials.com partner which provides access to our revenue sharing program, awards programs, full time job offers, your own officials property and cool travel assignments. Mediaofficials.com is a proprietary social publishing matrix that shares your content across hundreds of properties to an audience that is interested in your topic. Our brand, network and publishing policies produce the highest quality original content possible.


Content is King and we have the keys to the kingdom! Our Content creation, publishing and reporting solutions produce proven long term results. Once your content is on our network it stays on our network optimized for the highest possible rankings and conversions. Share your brand story with new audiences and open new markets. Check out our subscription based content creation and publishing solutions:


It’s Official! Become a Media Official!

Finally a social media publishing platform that pays content creators.

We are looking for content creators to join our team and become media officials. Writers, bloggers, influencers, videographers, designers, artists, photographers, travelers, cat lovers… if it’s original and interesting we have a place for you on the mediaofficials.com network.

Mediaofficials.com is a one of a kind social publishing matrix that produces original quality content across hundreds of officials branded properties. Our highly targeted global audience has a proven genuine interest in specific content and topics creating interaction, shares, likes, followers and more. Our brand, network and publishing policies produce the highest quality original content possible. If you are looking for a home to publish your original quality content  you have found it.

Top performing content producers can become a revenue sharing mediaofficials.com partner. You need to submit at least 10 content pieces or have an established online presence in order to qualify.

Our diverse expanding network of publishing properties, social media platforms, e-commerce sites, reviews and ratings properties and brand journalism services opens up several ways for content producers to generate revenue.

Here is how it works:
  • We pay our partners based on performance. We track how many people read and share your content which generates money in your mediaofficials.com account.
  • We provide you with trackable links to products or services that relate to the topics you cover. Example: if you are a travel writer we provide you with a link to one of our online booking sites like tripofficials.com or a link to other travel related products or services on our e commerce network. You then include this link in your article and you get paid when someone books a trip or makes a purchase. If you are writing about food or fashion it could be a link to one of our shopping sites like priceofficials.com. Post a cool picture from your latest trip with a link and start generating revenue. It’s that easy.
  • If you prefer to cover topics less related to commerce and are a proven stand out writer on our network we will hire you to write for us. Example: climate change, human rights, politics, policy issues… and you still get paid for performance.
  • We will hire you to create brand journalism pieces, product research, conduct interviews, create reviews and ratings and lots of other stuff.
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